Less Work, Better Workers

Pioche is a TypeScript first framework for Cloudflare Workers enabling ⚡lightning⚡ fast development and execution.

Get Started

Open-source MIT Licensed. GitHub v0.8.2

Intuitive Routing

Use TypeScript decorators to define regex based routing, and no more worrying about Durable Object fetching.

Run Code Where it Belongs

Execute code where it makes sense, move logic between worker and durable object runtimes in 1 line.

Full TypeScript Support

Everything included in Pioche has full type support as well as meticulous documentation, making your life easier.

Transform and Validate Data

Define a structure for data, then apply it to your data to validate, mask, or transform in one line.

Upgraded Storage API

Use KV and durable object storages like native objects allowing deep reads and writes with all options supported.

2 Command Startup

Use the pioche-scripts npx package to create and deploy a new, minimal worker in only two commands.